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don't wake me up-

'cause i'm dreaming california dreams.

8 August

michelle. 20. daughter. older sister. university of pittsburgh student. communications major. tall. ADHD. left-handed. big dreamer. summer girl. country girl. city girl. clumsy. stubborn. impatient. procrastinator. slightly OCD. hypochondriac. sarcastic. reader. writer. singer. always cold. lactose intolerant. late to everything. surprisingly organized. reality show junkie. big feet. laid-back. extremely unobservant. horseback rider. bargain shopper.
family & friends. my doggy. sunshine. summertime. warm weather. the beach. bracelets. hair wraps. java chip frappacino's. blue skies. the pittsburgh steelers. tuna. laughing. seth cohen. the countryside. new york city. razzles. the pittsburgh penguins. blake lively. diet coke. bright colors. huge dogs. oprah. kristin cavallari. celery and peanut butter. gossip girl. will ferrell movies. giraffes. my macbook. tye-dye. southern accents. wooden jewlery. flip-flops. being tan. dancing. charlotte russe. country music. tall people. nice boys who make me laugh.
winter. being cold. fish. surprises. attention. bad movies. being sung to on my birthday. sensitive people. boston accents. negative people. dramatic people. dropping my phone. michael moore. george lopez. short people. cheesy romance. people who don't appreciate music legends. repeating myself. ignorant (as in uninformed, not rude) people. little dogs. grammar mistakes. philadelphia sports teams. science. being poor. living in pennsylvania. when shoes stop being made at size 10.
TV: house m.d. breaking bad. gossip girl. the hills. the o.c. law & order:svu. say yes to the dress. HGTV. project runway. MUSIC: MJ. dashboard confessional. britney. carrie underwood. something corporate. jack's mannequin. music from the o.c. the ataris. relient k. miley cyrus. old 90's pop. all country music. MOVIES: grind. the dark knight. the hangover. zoolander. sweet home alabama. the ugly truth. how to deal. ps i love you. superbad. grandma's boy. she's the man. i love you man. mamma mia.
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Journal header by bedour at lightened.
90's pop music, adam brody, american idol, andy samberg, anklets, anoop desai, antm, being tan, bethany beach, big dogs, blake lively, blue skies, bohemian style, books, boy meets world, bracelets, bright colors, britney spears, california, carrie underwood, chace crawford, clothes, concerts, country music, cowboys, dancing, dashboard confessional, diet coke, dressing up, flowy skirts, food, fresh prince, friends, george orwell's 1984, gilmore girls, giraffe's, gossip girl, hannah montana, having fun, heidi klum, horse back riding, house m.d., how to deal, hugh laurie, hugs, jack's mannequin, jess mariano, journalism, judd apatow movies, justin timberlake, laguna beach, laughing, mandy moore, marcus flutie, mass media, megan mcafferty, michael jackson, milo ventimiglia, music from the o.c., nashville, new york city, nicole richie, old nickelodeon, ontd, oprah, paul rudd, penn state, pittsburgh, prank calls, pretty little liars, procrastinating, rachel mcadams, rascal flatts, reading, relient k, rent, roadtrips, rock of love bus, rory/jess, sarah dessen books, seth cohen, singing, something corporate, southern accents, spending money, starbucks, summertime, sunshine, tallness, taylor swift, texting, the .org gang, the ataris, the beach, the blondourage, the countryside, the grand ole opry, the little mermaid, the nfl, the o.c., the ocean, the pittsburgh penguins, the pittsburgh steelers, thunderstorms, tie-dye, tim gunn, twilight, university of pittsburgh, vh1 reality shows, warm weather, weezy f baby, will ferrell movies, yoga pants